Get Actionable Information
from Your Genetic Data

Genetic testing from most companies are focused on identifying ancestry data. While this information is fascinating to know, it provides little actionable information to utilizing in health guidance. Our testing is focused on the genetic data that is most actionable for providing guidance on lifestyle choices: Nutrition, Supplementation, Sleep, Environment health, Athletic performance, and Hormones. We are also continually adding and updating this information to get the most out of understanding your personal blueprint.

  • 1 Order your test kit
  • 2 Select your epigenetic coach to provide usable translation
  • 3 Decide with your coach, which lifestyle analyses work for you
  • 4 Your coach will upload your data and provide you with an actionable report

Engaging with Your Epigenetic Coach

Your Coach can use 23andMe data for analysis, more complete and comprehensive results can be obtained with Apeiron genetic testing

When you order your genetic testing, you will be sent a test kit which will include a cheek swab, no messy saliva collect. Results are generally available within 5-14 business days. At that point, you will engage with your epigenetic coach and decide which reports you would like to have extracted and reviewed. You not have to repeat the genetic test as current and future templates will be based on this genetic array. You may engage with your Epigenetic Coach prior to ordering your genetic testing or select a Coach after you place your order.

Example of Lifestyle Genomic Benefits

Over 120 genetic variants in nutrition analysis alone

According to the European Society of Human Genetics study 2014 – People who follow a genetic based diet lose 33% more weight and gain more lean mass. A follow-up to a Stanford University weight loss study showed 278% greater weight loss is people who followed a diet guided by their genomic data. We have created a gene SNP template to look at over 120 enetic SNP’s, where most direct-to-consumer testing looks at less than 20, most less than 10. Our template will help a clinician or coach to look at genetic factors affecting; appetite, fat utilization and absorption, metabolism, taste, hunger, satiety, and even insulin resistance. When put together, a coach can give you direction on identifying a nutritional plan that will give you the greatest chance of achieving your goals and optimizing your human potential.

Additional Profiles

  • 1. Supplementation Genomics – Fine tune your supplementation to best compliment and augment your personal genetics
  • 2. Sleep Genomics– Circadian propensity has a strong genetic components and matching your genetic predisposition can have significant health benefits
  • 3. Environmental Health and Detoxification– We carry genetics that can cause varying responses to environmental exposures. Learn about your strengths and optimize your risks.
  • 4. Athletic Performance-Having certain genetic predispositions can guide optimal training techniques and supplementation to take you to new levels of performance
  • 5. Hormones– Perfecting hormonal balance can be more precise with understanding your genetic propensities. it can also identify bio-specific techniques to enhance outcomes
  • 6. Coming soon:
    • Neurotransmitters
    • Pre-Conception planning
    • Leadership Genetics
    • Weight Loss