Get Actionable Information
from Your Genetic Data

Your genetic blueprint is the foundation of the human system, it doesn’t change. However, this genetic code can be expressed in a multitude of different ways based on Epigenetics- how nature and nurture interact.

There are many new genetic test companies on the market which focus on identifying ancestry data or providing direct-to-consumer disease and health information. While this information is interesting, it provides minimal insight into how the genetics are actually expressing and often the recommendations are not accurate for informing health optimization or enhanced performance. We focus on genetic variants that provide actionable lifestyle guidance for optimizing and enhancing the human system in the areas of Nutrition, Supplementation, Sleep, Environmental Health & Detoxification, Athletic Performance, and Hormonal Balance. Genetic and Epigenetic science is advancing rapidly, and the latest research findings continually inform our processes and products to provide you with the greatest impact based on your personal blueprint.

  • 1 Order your test kit
  • 2 Select your epigenetic coach to provide usable translation
  • 3 Decide with your coach, which lifestyle analyses work for you
  • 4 Your coach will upload your data and provide you with an actionable report

What Makes Us Unique?

Apeiron is the global leader in Epigenetic Precision Performance Coaching. Our Academy is the first and only Epigenetic Precision Performance Coaching Certification program in the world and our processes have been used clinically since 2007.

Apeiron’s Certified Coaches utilize our proprietary genetic array of over 760,000 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). We provide you with the most comprehensive actionable, epigenetic lifestyle recommendations based on how your genetic code is currently expressing. Additionally, we can use 23andMe data for analysis; however, the 23andMe array has fewer actionable lifestyle SNPs.

We collect your genetic material with a buccal swab test kit that uses the latest proprietary Flock® technology to maximize DNA collection efficiency. This technology allows us to get genetic material on babies as well as adults. The sample is processed and analyzed in a state-of-the-art facility using the latest Illumina array.

You can expect to receive your genomic raw data within 14-21 business days. Afterwards, you will meet with a Certified Apeiron Coach to review the results and discuss highly effective, actionable, bio-specific strategies to reach your limitless potential.

Example of Lifestyle Genomic Benefits

Over 120 genetic variants in nutrition analysis alone

According to the European Society of Human Genetics study 2014 – People who follow a genetically-informed diet lose 33% more weight and gain more lean mass. A follow-up to a Stanford University weight loss study showed 278% greater weight loss in people who followed a diet guided by their genomic data. We have created a report to look at over 120 genetic SNPs, whereas most direct-to-consumer reports look at fewer than 20 SNPs. Apeiron’s Nutrition report illuminates genetic factors affecting; appetite and hunger, fat utilization and absorption, metabolism, satiety, grain, gluten and dairy sensitivities, insulin resistance, and much more. This provides our coaches with precise information to establish a bio-specific nutritional plan that will allow you to achieve your goals more rapidly than ever.

Additional Genomic Profiles

  • 1. Supplementation – Fine-tune your precision supplementation to best complement and augment your genetic propensities and specific goals.
  • 2. Sleep – Know your circadian propensity, sleep duration, sleep onset, and propensity for sleep disruption to design ideal sleep strategies.
  • 3. Environmental Health and Detoxification – Learn your potential for responding to specific environmental influences and ideal strategies for managing inflammation, boosting mitochondrial health, improving methylation status, and managing mercury, mold and Lyme sensitivities.
  • 4. Athletic Performance – Up-level your performance by implementing optimal training strategies and supplementation regimes.
  • 5. Hormones – Identify bio-specific techniques to enhance hormonal function.
  • 6. Coming soon – Neurotransmitters, Endocannabinoids, Psychedelics, Stress, Pre-Conception, Weight Loss, Psycho-Social