Lifestyle Genomics from Your
Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms

We now have the ability to look at each individuals own personal blueprint. The genomic data contained in test like 23andMe supplies nearly 600,000 of your personal genetic base pairs, specifically single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNP’s. We developed this program as a simple tool for you to extract important genetic SNP’s that can provide guidance on nutrition, supplementation, sleep, hormones, methylation, detoxification, brain neurotransmitters, and even longevity.

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    Upload your genetic raw data file for extraction.
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    (Optional) Select a trained clinician or coach for interpretation

How Genomic Guru works

Please note that you will need your 23andMe raw data file for extraction

You will need to first go to 23andMe and download your raw data file. Next you will register here and select the lifestyle template that you desire to view. You will then upload your raw data file for extraction and a report will display for downloading. We do not provide direct-to-consumer interpretation of this data because interpretation can be a complex process so we provide a list of clinicians and health coaches that are trained in analysis of these templates. You will need to contact one of these clinicians or coaches if you wish to have an interpretation.

Nutritional Analysis

60+ SNP analysis to help determine your genomic based diet

According to the European Society of Human Genetics study 2014 – People who follow a genetic based diet lose 33% more weight and gain more lean mass. A follow-up to a Stanford University weight loss study showed 278% greater weight loss is people who followed a diet guided by their genomic data. We have created a gene SNP template to look at over 60 genetic SNP’s, where most direct-to-consumer testing looks at less than 20, most less than 10. Our template will help a clinician or coach to look at genetic factor affecting; appetite, fat utilization and absorption, metabolism, taste, hunger, satiety, and even insulin resistance. When put together, a coach can give you direction on identifying a nutritional plan that will give you the greatest chance of achieving your goals and optimizing your human potential.

Additional Profiles

Supplementation Genomics – Analyze specific SNP’s that can provide guidance on needs and potential deficiencies of certain vitamins and nutrients. Specifically looking at Vitamins C, D, And E supplementation. Vitamin B6, B12, choline, Beta carotene and vitamin A. In addition this profile will assess sodium sensitivities.

Methylation & Detox – Extraction of SNP’s that relate to the bodies ability to detoxify environmental toxins as well as endogenous toxic elements from hormone breakdown and general metabolic byproducts. Assessment of caffeine metabolism and response, alcohol response, and assessment of the MTHFR and glutathione system.