Apeiron Genomics is a site dedicated to the advancement of human potential and empowering the consumer to take charge of their own health. We represent a collection of forward thinking and cutting edge practitioners that saw a need to provide consumers with ownership of their own data and access to trained coaches that can guide them in interpretation. 

  • They tend to look at a very limited number of SNP’s (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms). This can create a limited scope of recommendations especially when it comes to nutrition or diet recommendations. We have seen consumers that have had three different recommendations from three different testing companies because of the gene SNP’s the particular companies chose to analyze. The Genomic Guru analysis will extract 60+ SNP’s that relate to dietary responses as well as eating behaviors.
  • Most of the direct to consumer testing companies require a specimen in order to run your test. Genomic Guru allows you to upload your existing raw data from 23andMe, no additional testing required.
  • Genomic Guru does not offer interpretation reports. We found many flaws with computer generated reports used to interpret genomic data. These reports will miss the full picture when taking into consideration multiple gene SNP interactions and the impact of epigenetics. What we do offer is access to a network of trained clinicians and coaches that you can select from in order obtain an interpretation of these SNP’s.
  • Genomic Guru will not store any of your data. After file upload and report generation, your data is erased from the system. This is why it is important to download your PDF report after it is generated to avoid having to repurchase. Also if you are selecting multiple reports, you will need to upload your raw data for each one.